COVID-19 has posed significant challenges in our nation and we are continuing our efforts to overcome these challenges every single day. But what if we start thinking how COVID-19 has also posed opportunities for creativity and innovation throughout every level of our ecological system? It is happening right now! From various levels between national to individual, there has been a boost in creativity to stay connected with one’s self and others and find solutions to overcome the challenges of COVID-19. Especially with children and teenagers, most have been more creative than before while in quarantine and physical distancing from others. We found another blog that was worth reprinting in its entirety as it is not only relatable to the topic, it also brings us hope as parents for our children.

Tapestries of Hope – Finding Sources of Connection and Joy

Jennifer Anton, Licensed Professional Counselor, April 8, 2020

Over the past week, I’ve been encouraging my 16-year-old son, Nick, to join me on my mental wellness breaks, which usually consist of a short walk around the block and some stretches. I have become increasingly fascinated with the sidewalk chalk designs and messages of hope that are appearing everywhere.

Yesterday, we saw the most beautiful mosaic of colors, probably 8 feet by 10 feet drawn on the cement down the street. I said to Nick, “Wow, how did they do that?” He replied, “Seriously, Mom, you don’t know?” Then, he proceeded to open his phone to Instagram and show me picture after picture of amazing designs outlined with duct or masking tape, then filled in with chalk.

He asked me if I wanted to make one and I agreed, saying I thought I had sidewalk chalk in the house somewhere. So, instead of geometry homework, we created this. I think our written message — “One day at a time. You can do this! — was more for me than Nick. Kids and teens are so amazingly resilient, and this tenth grader definitely has no problem taking things one day at a time.

As I look at this and the other designs popping up around our neighborhood, state, country and even the world, it makes me think just how much we need to celebrate the tapestry of human kindness, joy, creativity, hope and encouragement emerging amidst this crisis. Where do you see artists and tapestries emerging? And how are you weaving resilience, hope and kindness into your lives?


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