OKPTA Cultivate is a project of the Prevention and Safety Committee of the Oklahoma PTA.

The Oklahoma PTA is our state’s oldest and largest child advocacy association. As members of the OKPTA Cultivate, we align our work with this mission by focusing our advocacy efforts specifically around our passion for behavioral health and wellness.

Our mission is to provide effective strategies to cultivate school and community environments where children thrive.

Our approach is to address the ROOT Causes of the problems that face our youth. We don’t simply want to build awareness of an issue, we want to improve the underlying factors that promote wellness and reduce problems.

We operate based off of what research demonstrates sets kids up for maximum health and happiness. We look at every environment that affects youth: friend groups, families, schools, neighborhoods, and communities.

We want to set up environments where children …

…are resilient.

…have excellent social/emotional skills.

…have the necessary coping skills to face life without alcohol, tobacco or drugs and also reduce the onset and impact of mental illness.

…have opportunities for positive social interactions.

…have friends who support one another in making healthy choices, who know how to help a friend who needs help, and who know how to respect the boundaries and the needs of others.

…are attached to schools that create a positive culture where students can thrive and learn, and where teachers are given tools to promote and model good mental health practices.

…are growing up in families who are equipped and supported to model healthy behaviors for youth, are comfortable talking to youth about alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex, bullying and other issues faced by children, and who are practicing healthy conflict resolution.

…live in neighborhoods and communities where they feel safe and a sense of belonging, and where health and modeling good behavior for youth is a priority.