There has been a lot of talk around racism but not enough about racial trauma. Research has, in fact, shown that racism can cause anxiety, depression, chronic stress and fatigue, and other symptoms similar to post traumatic stress disorder, which results in racial trauma. We’ve mentioned before how trauma affects the mind and body, it also affects our emotions. When someone experiences racial trauma, they may begin to experience feelings of sadness, depression, anger, and resentment. By releasing these emotions after a racially traumatic event, you are creating an opportunity for healing. Here’s how:

  1. Allow yourself to express and feel the sadness and anger. Keeping emotions trapped inside can lead to bodily inflammation.
  2. Identify the people who you trust will support you and provide you with a space to express these emotions safely.
  3. Write about your experience in a journal reflect on the emotions that you felt or are currently feeling.

For more information, check out The Four Bodies: A Holistic Toolkit for Coping With Racial Trauma at

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