We recognize that awareness of an issue is not enough. Even knowing how to fix a problem is not sufficient if we don’t employ practices that produce wellness. It’s what we say, but it’s also what we do with our kids. And it’s how often we do it, and how we get back on track when we don’t do or say the things we believe we should. It’s not easy. It’s a lifelong discipline. This site is meant to be a starting place, and inspiration, and a reminder where we as parents can work together to cultivate healthy environments for our children. By clicking on one of the Cultivate Topics in the menu you can find everything we have posted related to that topic. 

In general, we focus on a different Cultivate Topic every day of the week so that overtime we can work together to build a community of parents who are cultivating these practices together. Stay connected with us! Bite off only what you can chew. Celebrate the baby steps that over time develop into bigger, more confident steps. Maybe more importantly, when you stumble, give yourself grace and get back up so we can show our kids how it’s done!

Monday : Cultivate Hope

Tuesday : Cultivate Relationships

Wednesday : Cultivate Communication

Thursday : Cultivate Knowledge

Friday : Cultivate Safety

Saturday : Cultivate Coping

Sunday : Cultivate Habits

These priorities will relate to a variety of topics including mental health, substance abuse, bullying, suicidality, and healthy teen dating relationships. Most of these priorities, however, relate to more than one of these issues in that research shows they either protect children from having to deal with these issues or they reduce serious outcomes associated with these issues. In other words, they are beneficial to all as prevention, but also for those experiencing problems.