Tomorrow is 4th of July and we thought it would be a great opportunity to talk with you about firework safety for kids. This day can be fun and exciting, filled with BBQ and firework shows. But no matter how old you are, fireworks are just not for everyone and we have to understand that fireworks are likely to cause anxiety and panic attacks for some of our neighbors and friends. Even some kids are uncomfortable with the loud booming sounds and bright lights from fireworks, it can also cause sensory overload.

Dr. Schott, a Pediatrician from Illinois, has shared her 7 tips with families to help keep their kids safe and stress-free during the holiday. One of her tips to help children cope with fireworks is to talk with them in full detail before the event. When they know what they can expect at a firework show, the less anxious they likely are. You may also want to show them some kid-friendly videos on how fireworks work! Here is one example from Sesame Street:

Dr. Schott’s 7 tips on firework safety for kids –,%2C%20panic%20attacks%2C%20and%20fear.&text=Leave%20little%20ones%20at%20home.

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