We probably all have our “go-to” coping skills that we use in time of need, but what do we do when our trusty skills aren’t working? For many this is a time of unprecedented stress be it prolonged isolation, prolonged anxiety about health and safety, systemic racism, and more. Yes, there is much to be thankful for, and yes, we have all seen creative and hopeful ways that people have come together, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have periods of weariness. If you feel some of your typical coping skills are a bit overworked, or you just need some new ones, check out this video. In four minutes you will 26 suggested coping skills, one for each letter of the alphabet. Try a new one today! Better yet, what if you and your children challenged each other to make it through the whole alphabet by the end of July? When our families have a strong portfolio of coping skills, the members of our families are less likely to turn to alcohol and other drugs in order to cope. This is a great time to invest in our coping skills inventory!

(Please note – the Helpline listed in the video is not valid in the U.S. – check out our Get Help Now page for local helplines.)

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