Teaching our kids about self-acceptance is not about being selfish or entitlement for admiration. It is about teaching them how to embrace who they are and accept all of their positive and negative attributes. The first step of teaching kids self-acceptance is to help them identify their strengths and weaknesses. Being aware of their weaknesses is not a bad thing, it is an opportunity for them to understand those weaknesses and to determine if they can be changed or whether they should be accepted without criticism.

Over the next several days, take some time with your child and identify his strengths and weakness by listing them done (you may want to create one for yourself so that you both can do it together!). Start adding simple things to the list like “I enjoy learning about science” or “I love to help out with chores.” It is important to talk with our kids about everything they have accomplished or overcome and to help guide them through their weaknesses.

For more tips on how to teach self-acceptance, visit https://raising-independent-kids.com/evidence-based-tips-give-child-gift-self-acceptance/.

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