Here is a coping exercise for parents and guardians. Many of us carry pain from our childhood into adulthood. It can affect our happiness, our relationships, and our parenting. One way to help heal these wounds is to write a letter to your inner child. Validate the pain of your inner child as a step toward healing. Sound silly? It might feel that way at first, but experts from psychologist to Thich Nhat Hahn recommend the technique.

How to connect with your inner child:

  • Formulate a dialogue.
  • Write a letter to him or her.
  • Say nurturing things (I love you, I hear you, thank you, I’m sorry).
  • Look at photos of yourself as a child.
  • Think and write about what you loved doing when you were young.
  • Engage in meditation and creative visualization.

For more about healing your inner child:


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