The cost of this activity is just the price of a pack of sticky notes! Keep a stack handy next to a pen where you will see it as a reminder. When you have a free minute (maybe while you are waiting for something to microwave) write a quick note to your child and stick it in a place they look often – their bedroom door, their bathroom mirror, etc. Don’t stress out about doing it every day, but instead look at this as one quick tool in your toolbox. If you forget to write the note, just say the words!

Positive words help with positive thoughts. Positive thoughts can change our brain chemistry and make us depression-resistant. Positive words of encouragement create resilient children.

So next time you are feeling mom or dad guilt over something silly, channel that thought into a quick, positive action. Grab your sticky note and remind your child why you think they are great!

One piece of advice: try to make most of your compliments about what’s on the inside. If possible, try to focus more on the effort than the idea of “natural talent”. Ex. “I admire your near daily dedication to becoming a stronger runner.” vs. “You are a great runner.” This helps build perseverance toward goals.

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