Journaling effectively has many positive outcomes and it could greatly improve not only mental health, but also the overall quality of life. Journaling is a great way to help you clear your mind, make connections between thoughts and behaviors, and reduce the likelihood of mental illness. As parents, we know that we should model positive behaviors and habits if we want to instill them into our children but we also want them to understand the effectiveness and purpose of each positive habit. Simply explain to them that the reason why you journal is to allow your creativity to grow and de-stress from the day.

If your child is interested in journaling with you but they are not sure what to write about, here are just a prompts to help them get started:

  • Keep a nature diary and write down experiences to help them connect with the natural world
  • Maintain a log of daily successes
  • Create a gratitude journal by writing down the things they appreciate about that day


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