We all know that asking “How was your day?” often gets us a one word response. What if we used this opportunity to ask a more intentional question? If we make a daily or near daily habit of it (perfection isn’t required here!), it will demonstrate to our child that their growth is important to us. Here are some ideas…

A question to show our values and inspire meaning – Did you know having meaning in one’s life is an important protective factor against depression? Helping our children find meaning in the everyday sets them up for positive mental health.

example: Did you have the chance to demonstrate love to anyone today? or Did you find an opportunity to show kindness? What was the nicest thing you saw someone do today? You may get a “no” for weeks, but eventually your child may be excited to come to you when they realize they have something to share. Until then, just encourage them to keep looking.

A question to develop resilience: These questions help children re-frame life’s challenges as opportunities to learn. They can also show your belief in their abilities. Congratulate their successes and gently guide them when they falter.

example: What is the hardest problem you had to solve today?

A question to promote positive-thinking and hope: About 1 in 5 Oklahoma kids says they feel hopeless “most” or “all of the time”! Let’s look for ways to inspire hope and positive-thinking in our everyday lives.

ex. What is the most beautiful thing you saw today? Did anything inspire you today? What is your biggest dream and what is one small thing you can do to achieve that dream today?


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The idea to ask questions to your child everyday to build relationships was submitted by http://www.bullycrisis.com

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