Join OKPTA Cultivate by Being Part of the Movement to build resilience in our families and schools.

OKPTA Cultivate is a project of the Prevention and Safety Committee of the OKPTA. We are a group of professionals specializing in mental health, substance use, bullying, teen dating violence, teen pregnancy, suicide and other behavioral health issues. Our approach is to address the ROOT Causes of the problems that face our youth. We don’t simply want to build awareness of an issue, we want to improve the underlying factors that promote wellness and reduce problems.

Local units can deepen our mission by implementing resilience practices in your local community? How? The OKPTA Cultivate Committee will walk you through the process of tailoring our 7 point resilience action plan to your local PTA. This 7 point plan will cover our priority resilience topics:

Cultivating Hope

Cultivating Relationships

Cultivating Communication

Cultivating Knowledge

Cultivating Safety

Cultivating Coping

Cultivating Habits

If you are interested in joining us – contact us at