September is National Suicide Prevention Month, so we are highlighting the 5 Steps for helping someone struggling with suicidal ideation. These 5 steps make up National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s #BeThe1To campaign. Today we’ll discuss how to help someone cope by “being there”. This year the organization has added a special emphasis on how to be there even if you are physical distancing. Here’s their advice:


This step is very important in a world where we cannot be there physically – staying connected in other ways is needed. While being physically present may not be an option right now, there are still many other ways to be there for someone, including speaking with them on the phone/video phone, by text, through various online platforms.

The important things to keep in mind when maintaining social connection through distance are the regularity and quality of the connection.

  • Establish the frequency in which the person would like you to check in with them, and then stick to that schedule
  • When talking on the phone or video calling with them, ensure that you are present. Remove yourself from distractions so that you can focus on your conversation with the person

To see the other 5 steps of helping, click on this link (which is also the source of today’s post):
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