Schools either have started or will be starting classes over the next few weeks and some students will be starting in a virtual classroom this Fall semester. We understand that there are some concerns around distance learning and how it may not be the same as in-person learning but if we want our kids to succeed, we need to start asking to help us better understand the supports the schools will provide to our children. If you are worried about distance learning, below is a list of example questions we thought would be great to ask the the school, and yourself about online schooling:

Questions for Schools/Teachers

  • Does the curriculum focus mainly on academics? Or are there social and emotional learning activities to help develop skills like self-advocacy and working in groups?
  • How will students interact with each other?
  • How will the school manage behavior issues? Will parents be notified of any behavioral issues?
  • What is the main way teachers will interact with students – email, video chats, phone calls? And how often do they do things like hold extra sessions to help students with homework?
  • How will teachers provide feedback on assignments and how often will they do this?

Questions for Your Child

  • Are you ready to map out your assignments and be responsible for completing them on time?
  • Are you okay with handling a few hours or maybe even a couple of days between asking your teacher a question and getting a response?

Questions for Yourself

  • How much time can I spend each day to help my child with schoolwork?
  • Can I provide structure and motivation to help my child spend several hours a day on their assignments?
  • Does our home have a quiet space that is free of clutter and distraction that will help my child focus on daily school tasks?

The more prepare ourselves and our kids for distance learning, the more we feel motivated to accomplish our daily school tasks and responsibilities!

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