What is a calming corner and how do you create one at home? Simple! A calming corner is a space (does not necessarily have to be a literal corner) where children can go feel comfortable and relax their mind and bodies. Alternative to “time-outs,” calming corners can actually help children regulate their emotions and provides them a structure of safety and security. It is sometimes difficult for children to have the necessary skills to process their feelings and emotions, especially when they are distressed. A calm down corner can also help kids understand that unpleasant emotions (sad, mad, jealousy, etc.) are normal and it can also help them learn from their own mistakes by giving them the space to reflect on what they did.

Our kids should never feel that it is not okay to have certain emotions. Parents and caregivers should reassure that these unpleasant emotions are just a learning experience and providing kids with their own calm down corner will help them with emotional regulation and better understand that their feelings are valid. For ideas on how to create your own calm corner, here are the website’s instructions: https://hes-extraordinary.com/wp-json/mv-create/v1/creations/13/print

Source: https://hes-extraordinary.com/calm-down-corner?fbclid=IwAR3X5yGVxFBQP_73ckGqEls9rdvvQDp5Jjup55788ay53jH5aRtk-TMm1PA

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