By now, your school district may have put out different learning options for students as they plan for students to return to school. Most school districts are providing their families with an online option where students will receive instructions virtually from home. With this option, it is critical for parents/caregivers and teachers to remind their children about the importance of staying safe online. In the Safe Online Learning: For Teachers article, there are tips and ideas for online safety policies for remote learning. Let’s looks at some of these ideas and see how parents/caregivers can reinforce these ideas at home to ensure online safety for children:

  • Set Expectations: Understand the rules and responsibilities of distance learning for both students and parents. Learn about the online platform that your child will be using and set your own expectations with your kids. Remind them that rules in the physical classroom apply to a virtual classroom and let them know it is not okay to post images/videos of classmates or teachers to social media without permission.
  • Minimize Opportunity: Remind your child to cover their laptop or computer camera when they are not using it for class. This will help reduce the risk of someone taking an unwanted picture or screenshot of you child without his or her consent.
  • Continued Internet Safety Education: While the article has other links for continued learning for online safety, also check out our previous post, including “Cultivate… SAFETY related to Cyberbullying during COVID-19” and “Cultivate… SAFETY with Poetry” with the link to the Be Internet Awesome game!

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