Did you know that taking a moment of silence in between statements is actually an important skill to mindful communication? Children (and adults) who don’t have the skills to control their impulsive behaviors tend to be more reactive (immediate and without conscious thought) than responsive (longer, thoughtful action) in a stressful situation. So when kids learn how to pause in between their statements, they have the opportunity to reflect on the impact of the words that they or others said, focus on their breathing, and allow for the other person to speak without being interrupted.

We can start introducing the concept of pause to young children by talking with them about their brain first and how it sends signals throughout their body. These signals from the brain tells your body what to do like moving your legs to walk, reading a book, or helping us make decisions. Then share your experiences with them about how you had to pause during a stressful moment to help give your brain some clean air to think better before making a decision.

Click here for the full list of steps to take to talk with your child about the power of pause!

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