Cultivating good habits around screen time is important to child development. In fact, “the more screen time [children] logged, the lower their skills in language, literacy, imagery, and self-regulation. This was even found on a structural level – the white matter tracts within the brain were affected.”


Still, this is a guilt-free zone, and right now many of us are in survival mode due to trying to work from home in a house where kiddos are cooped up all day or unable to join their usual activities. In the spirit of this blog, which is about focusing on the positive steps we can take toward good mental health and wellness for our children, here is a link 12 helpful tips for 12 Healthier Alternatives to Screen Time When Kids Are Stuck at Home With No School: How to avoid excessive online + gaming — from toddlers to teens! If you are concerned about your child’s screen time now or in general, see if one of these tips might help shift toward better habits. Remember, new habits take time and baby steps! Acknowledge efforts and build on success!

You may also be wondering, how much screen time should children have? For a full list of guidelines by age, click here.

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