As we wrap up Mental Health Month, we are sharing Mental Health America’s Tools 2 Thrive toolkit, which is filled with tools and resources that everyone can use to improve their mental health, resiliency, and emotional safety.

On average, 80% of Americans have experienced emotional abuse. Therefore, Eliminating Toxic Influences is one of the many topics Mental Health America’s Tools 2 Thrive toolkit addresses and it describes the steps we should take to create the boundaries that will help eliminate the toxic influences that are negatively impacting our mental health. The “Detoxing Your Life” worksheet is an sample activity (also included in the toolkit) that helps us identify the positive and negative influences in our lives. Not only does this worksheet walks us through our feelings towards these influences, it also helps us create our boundaries towards them and helps enhance our self-confidence. You can access the worksheet here –

MHA’s Mental Health Month 2020: Tools 2 Thrive Toolkit –

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