Today, we are kicking off the first day of National Prevention Week with the National Prevention Week Challenge! Our goals for the week are to:

  1. Raise community awareness and implement effective prevention strategies for substance use and mental health issues;
  2. Increase community partnerships and collaboration to improve public health;
  3. And promote quality substance abuse prevention and metal health promotion resources.

Did you know that by practicing our Cultivate HABITS tips, you and your family are already implementing prevention strategies for substance abuse and mental health illness in your own home!? Prevention happens everywhere in various shapes and sizes! It happens when we decide to go for a nice walk in the park instead of going to a big gathering with illegal substance use or when families have open discussions together and brain storm ways to avoid substance use. Take a moment to think about what you and your family are doing that is helping prevent substance abuse and mental health issues in your home!

Ready to take the challenge? Here is what you need to do:

  1. Download and fill out your #PreventionHappensHere sign (PDF | 6.8 MB)
  2. Share a photo or video of you with your sign in the place where prevention happens in your life to foster a healthier future for you and those you care about.
  3. Don’t have a printer? No problem! Take a selfie, group photo, or video where you are practicing prevention.
  4. Post your selfie or video on social media with the #PreventionHappensHere hashtag and challenge your friends by tagging them in your post.

For more information, visit

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