Being able to self-regulate means we have the ability to control our behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. But every now and then, we sometimes experience frequent stress and our ability to self-regulate becomes a challenge. So how do we prevent this and maintain the skill to self-regulate through the most difficult times in our lives? In order for self-regulation to be effective, we should create a sustainability plan that targets all aspects of wellness:

  • Emotional Regulation – Connection to resources and sense of containment
  • Cognitive Regulation – Using elements of self-compassion
  • Physical Regulation – Managing routines of sleep, diet and physical activity
  • Spiritual Regulation – Engaging sense of meaning, purpose and self-efficacy
  • Social Regulation – Connection with others

Creating a sustainability plan to help us maintain our ability to self-regulate will also help reduce the risk of PTSD or other mental illness. Here is a quick video that talks about the importance of creating a plan for all aspects of self-regulation:


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