Even though we are over a month into spring, it’s a great time for a spring scavenger hunt for a couple of reasons. First if you have been outside in the last week or two, you may have noticed all of the bird eggs that have hatched. Baby geese, ducks and robins abound. If you look hard enough you can find hatched eggs on the ground. This new life brings hope during what is a difficult time for many. Second, as we fade in and out of weariness we can use the signs of the season to start a conversation with our children about how most difficult trials in life come to an end. The winter seems long, but eventually the flowers bloom again. The birds sit diligently and carefully on their nests for what seems like a long time, but eventually the job is done. You can discuss the difficult aspects of this time that will too come to an end. Lastly, getting into nature is a great way to be mindful and present with your child (of any age). Bonus: this relationship-building activity can count as a home-school assignment for many children.

If you need an inspiration for your spring scavenger hunt, check out this list and video from the Montana Natural History Center .


As always, please practice safety measures and social distancing where applicable.

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