School has been cancelled along with other important high school events such as prom and graduation. Most teens and young adults are mixed with emotions right now and some may even begin to feel isolated while physical distancing. Our teens need our attention now more than ever, to help them cope during this pandemic. According to the NPR article (link below), “this can be traumatic for a generation that already suffers high levels of anxiety.” which puts them at risk for developing clinical anxiety and depression.

During this time of unknown, parents and caregivers can help their teens cope and provide them with the tools or skills to help regulate their emotions. For example, we can help our teens shift their focus on the things that they are in control of. We did not have control over the cancellation or postponement of graduation, but we are in control in celebrating our teens’ accomplishments and we can still plan other special events to acknowledge their hard work. Start envisioning these positive, special events with your teen and begin making plans for how you and your family want to honor them once the pandemic is over.


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