We’ve been taking measures to flatten the curve for a while now. Anyone experiencing weariness? If so, your friends in the OKPTA are feeling it too. In the beginning our adrenaline was high, helping us attack problems head on, but we didn’t know if we were in for a sprint or a marathon. Some time has passed and its become apparent that we are in a marathon. We all know the main concern with trying to run a marathon – fatigue. Even though we are getting tired of our safety measures at times, to use a similar metaphor, many are comparing this moment to the half time in a game. So how do we gear up so that we can go another round in order to make sure our public health gains remain?

We highly recommend listening to this podcast, perhaps with your whole family. (It’s mostly family friendly, but be aware it does contain one or two swear words.) Dr. Brown offers fantastic concrete tips for managing relationship dynamics during moments of increased stress. Not only can we build skills for coping with this pandemic, but we can increase our family’s resilience skills for years to come!

Click Here for Podcast : https://brenebrown.com/podcast/brene-on-comparative-suffering-the-50-50-myth-and-settling-the-ball/

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