For several weeks, we’ve posted about emotional safety and how supportive adults can strengthen the emotional safety net for their children. Today, we want to share an article that contains information identifying each age group’s emotional needs so that parents, caregivers, and other supportive adults can become aware what they are and understand what children will need from us.

For example, teenagers are possibly going through the toughest years yet as they are beginning understand their sense of self and their identity. It is important for teenagers to experience independence and supportive adults can provide opportunities to allow their teens to assert their independence. For example, just by encouraging teens to manage their own spending money or organize their own lunch for schools can help build their sense of independence and self-esteem. But remember, supportive adults can also provide some assistance to their teens such as teaching them how to budget their spending money or how to cook meals.

For more examples on emotional needs each age group, visit!

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