We thought it would be nice to take some time to focus on the positives we are seeing in the ways people are helping one another through this difficult time. Often in a crisis, we are more mindful of our priorities than we are when we are busy going about our everyday business.

One thing we have noticed is the way many are remembering to put people over productivity. Have you noticed people checking in with each other more at the beginning of a work call? Are we as parents more mindful of our child’s mental state as we ask them to complete school work? Are there ways in which we are more patient of each other’s difficulties while trying to complete tasks? When a community (in this case a global community) all shares in a crisis, we are more likely to take note of the difficulties faced by one another. When people experience individual crisis, however, such as divorce, loss of job, death, etc., the people they encounter in their day may not realize the extent of their suffering.

Let’s take note of these good habits that we are forming in shared crisis and think about what we can sustain. When life returns to “normal”, let’s try to remember that the person who cut us off in traffic, gets in our way, or is less than friendly may be dealing with a personal crisis that we know nothing about. When our world is business as usual, someone else’s world may be falling apart. Let’s continue to check in on each other’s mental state as a priority now and once this is over.

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