Social distancing can cause feelings of isolation, even if you are surrounded by others living in the same home as you. This is why it is important to stay connected with friends and family living outside of the home and to maintain those relationships during these unprecedented times. And honestly, “social distancing” should really be called “physical distancing” since we are encouraging others to preserve their social connections from a safe distance.

Using today’s advanced technology is one way to stay socially connected with friends and family. In fact, research has shown that technology can help maintain long-distance relationships and that video chats can help enhance the effectiveness of our communication. As we’ve mentioned before, observing nonverbal cues is important when communicating effectively with one and other. When we observe the other person’s nonverbal behavior, “fewer miscommunications occur because more nonverbal cues increase our likelihood of effectively understanding one another.”

When and if possible, use video chats more frequently during this time of “physical distancing.” Check out the source’s link for more ideas on staying socially connected with friends and family!

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