Many of us are adjusting to the challenge of home-schooling or working from home. If focus and distractions are an issue (especially during a pandemic) then the Pomodoro Method may be right for you or your child.

Why does it work?

We first learned about this method from Dr. Barbara Oakley in the online course, Learning How to Learn. The course explains that the brain does optimal learning and retention when the brain is allowed to switch between focus and diffuse modes. The Pomodoro Method allows for just that. We are including a video below of Dr. Oakley teaching the method.

Evidence-based strategies for improving classroom behaviors, like Good Behavior Game, rely on increasing the length of time students have on task behavior partly by providing intermittent, fun rewards. If your child is having trouble focusing, or you have a younger child, try starting with a shorter interval of time then increase little by little. Make sure the reward breaks are active, fun, and free. (Ex. Five minute dance party, five minutes of silly faces, etc.) If you can get up and change locations for the break, even better.

This method may help you get more done during this time, but is also likely to increase your child’s self-regulation.

Watch the video to learn the method:

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