Humans are social beings and we are unique individuals. These challenging times are definitely disrupting our normal balance of connection and alone time. Some of us are dealing with isolation, while others of us may be struggling with being in close quarters with loved ones for long periods of time. We’e collected some tips for adapting relationships to these measures.

  • Replace your drive time: If you normally drive to work everyday, but are home right now due to Covid-19, consider replacing what used to be your drive time with relationship time. Maybe you call a friend, or check-in on a co-worker. Or use that time for someone in your household. Consider turning off the news and other distractions and doing something that involves face to face communication and eye contact. Even when we are in close quarters, it can be easy to isolate from one another.
  • Watch a movie together from a distance: Cue up a movie or TV show with a friend and watch it at the same time while on the phone together. There are even apps where people can watch together while in two different locations.
  • Book Club: For kiddos or adults, start a book club with friends. Schedule frequent check-ins via FaceTime or Skype to discuss the book chapter by chapter.
  • Make extra screen time more hands on: Most kids are probably a little more on screen during this time. Find ways to make that time more hands on. For example, maybe help your kids do a puppet show for the friend on the other side of the FaceTime or Skype call.
  • Are the close quarters getting to you? Here are some good suggestions:

Resiliency skills have to be learned, and it’s not always easy. The same goes for relationship skills. Practice improvement, not perfection!

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