In the midst of COVID-19, our daily lives have been disrupted and we are experiencing the effects of the pandemic one way or the other. Across the world, people are in quarantine and social distancing to protect themselves and others in their communities from the virus. If you are starting to feel doubtful or uncertain, just know that we will continue to see moments of hope that demonstrates “the resilience, or grit, that people share in times like these.”

You might have seen these moments already from your Facebook news feed. Moments such as videos of family members spending time with their loved ones from the outside of their window, quarantined citizens singing songs and playing instruments from the balconies of their apartments, and multiple tributes of gratitude to all essential workers including medical professionals combating the virus and grocery staff working hard to make sure everyone has food and other necessary household items.

“Showing gratitude and appreciation can help give these workers a much-needed boost to continue working. Giving gratitude also helps individuals feel better and makes this difficult time more bearable as we can see hope at the end of the tunnel.”

Dr. Boulos, Psychiatrist from Sunnybrook, CA

Do you and your kids want to create hope for the essential workers in your community? Creating “Thank You” cards and writing simple messages of gratitude and appreciation will go a long way for those who are working hard to protect us.


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