Regular physical exercise has many health benefits to our brains and bodies. When we exercise, the blood flow increases and our brain is exposed to more oxygen, nutrients, and proteins that promote the growth of new neurons. Physical activity also increases dopamine and endorphins that makes us feel happy while getting rid of chemicals that makes us feel stressed.

We are all experiencing the effects of COVID-19 and families are temporarily social distancing themselves to help combat the virus. Take this opportunity to start the habit of exercising together as a family at home to show your children the great benefits that physical activity can have on their health. Social isolation can lead to depression but staying physically active can help reduce the risk of depression. Here are some ideas to stay physically active as a family while social distancing:

  • Animal Yoga
  • Build an indoor obstacle course
  • Walk multiple laps around the block with your dog
  • Rearrange the living room furniture (it’ll make you sweat and liven up your room!)
Wanna deep dive?

Effects of physical exercise on the brain –

Physical activity ideas for families –

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