This is our fifth week in a series on emotional safety. We’re looking at the six strategies of Paul Santagata, Head of Industry at Google. Google did a two year study on high-performing teams, and they found that the number one factor in performance was emotional safety. Today, we are looking at emotional safety #5: asking for feedback on delivery.

After you deliver your message to someone, ask that person their feedback on how you delivered your message. This opportunity limits “blind spots” in communication skills and creates trust within the relationship. For example, Santagata asked for feedback to his senior manager after delivering some tough information. His senior manager responded “This could have felt like a punch in the stomach, but you presented reasonable evidence and that made me want to hear more. You were also eager to discuss the challenges I had, which led to solutions.”

To adapt this technique in our home, we might ask these questions after delivering tough messages:

  • What worked and what didn’t work in my delivery?
  • How did it feel to hear this message?
  • How could I have presented it more effectively?

Here is the link to the full article:

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