Positive thinking habits can be an important factor in depression prevention and recovery. The good news it can be learned…but it takes practice. One way to practice positive thinking is to savor the positive. Savoring is like squeezing all of the juice out of a positive experience so we maximize the effect toward good mental health. How do we do this?

At the end of each day, think of a positive experience. When you think of it, try to remember the sights, sounds, smells, and other sensory information from the event. Think about the positive feelings you felt and the positive thoughts you were thinking to yourself. Then instead of trying to get back to your to do list, hold one to the positive feelings until they naturally fade away in the moment. If we don’t let ourselves feel the reward of our hard work, we start to burn out!

Want more tips on how to savor? Deep dive into the source of today’s post:


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