Sometimes when we operate from a fear-based mentality, we can think of our to do list as a bunch of “have-tos”. That’s usually because we fear the consequence of not getting things done more than we savor the opportunities we have. For example, “I have to write this report” instead of “I get to use my voice to contribute to this project I care about”. Another example, “I have to clean house” instead of “I get live in a warm house and take care of it”. Our kiddos do this too. Have you ever heard “I wish I didn’t have to go to school” instead of “I am privileged to have access to education in order to achieve my goals”? Consider sitting down with your child and thinking about what you each plan to accomplish this week. Challenge each other to frame your to-do lists as “get-tos” instead of “have-tos”. If there are items that truly can’t be re-framed, then maybe those are the ones you consider trying to weed out of your life. Modeling this exercise with your child shows that you value positive thinking and wellness.

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