Being able to trust ourselves makes us aware of our own thoughts and feelings without having to rely on others’ opinions. Having self-trust helps motivate us to pursue the things we want and to be kind to ourselves. We catch ourselves interacting with people who are negative and diminish our self-confidence. Other people’s negative thoughts and opinions are sometimes personal and so hurtful that their words tend to replay in our heads. By trusting and developing a relationship with yourself, you will establish a personal boundary to protect yourself from the negativity that could compromise your self-trust and the harsh words will easily go in one ear and out the other.

To develop and maintain self-trust with ourselves, we need to focus on our emotional well-being with frequent “check-ins” with ourselves. By speaking kindly to yourself and simply asking yourself “How am I doing right now,” you are silencing your inner critic and other people’s negativity by focusing on your emotional needs. We can teach children to develop their self-trust skills by reminding them to always speak kindly about themselves and to encourage them to freely (and appropriately) express their emotions.


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