Have you been to 16personalities.com? This fun website offers a free personality test based on the widely used Myers-Briggs method. Once you get your results, it gives you tips on your strengths and weaknesses as a parent, at work, and in relationships. It is a fantastic conversation starter for families. Isabel Briggs Myers believed that if we could understand each other’s personality types, we could appreciate one another more.

Note: Experts recommend fourteen years old as the minimum age for doing personality tests, so it may be too early for young children to take the quiz due to concerns about mis-typing children too young. The quiz while well-designed is one tool, which you should interpret yourself for accuracy. A professional, or a book on Myers Briggs personality can always lend more in-depth understanding. Still, we think you will find this quiz not only entertaining, but insightful

(OKPTA Cultivate does not accept any form of incentives to endorse other websites. We are volunteer public health professionals who make recommendations based on our research and professional knowledge.)

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