A few days a ago, we looked at the three key skills necessary to overcome from traumatic experiences:

  • Willingness to engage with the problem
  • Connecting with others
  • Knowing how to calm oneself when experiencing anxiety

Today, we will focus on the second bullet and discuss why connecting with others is important. Relationships are a crucial part to developing resiliency and strong, meaningful connection with others gives us a sense of security and makes us feel safe. When parents, caregivers, teachers, or any caring adult develops and maintains a strong relationship with children, they are actually creating a supportive environment that prevents children from engaging in risky behaviors. Here are some ways children can build stronger connections with others this year:

  • Finding peers at school who have common interests and values
  • Go volunteer as a family at a local non-profit
  • Participate in community activities and events
  • Schedule regular play dates with friends

Source: https://psychcentral.com/lib/new-years-resolutions-to-build-your-resiliency/

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