Every year Positive Psychology News gives out Positive Psychology Awards for movies! If you plan to catch up on some movie watching over the holidays, these awards might provide some great discussion points. Please note OKPTA Cultivate hasn’t vetted every single movie and award justification in the list, but it is our hope that this will be a valuable resource to start thinking about how to turn movies into teachable moments. Teaching children to parse information about a character is important. When children can separate what they like and don’t like about the messages they receive they are better able to think critically and think for themselves. For example, one movie that received an honorable mention in the Relationship category was A Star is Born, but was that relationship perfect? Definitely not, but if your teen saw this movie you could ask “what was healthy about their relationship?” and “what was unhealthy?” Also, “what do you do when someone treats you in a way that is unhealthy?” or “what about what you saw do you want in a partner one day?” Movies and stories are fantastic teachable moments. We hope this will get the conversation started! Click the link below:

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