The beginning of the holiday season is here and our schedules are already filling up with holiday shopping, family get-togethers, and other festivities. This time of year should be fun and exciting but for some of us, the holiday season can be exhausting and it can be stressful for our kids living with anxiety. According to Jared Heathman, M.D., a child psychiatrist, “children experience comfort through a routine.” While school is still in session, lets take a moment to think about our schedules for the next month or so. It is important to try and maintain a consistent routine for our kids (and for ourselves, too). What time do our kids go to bed on a school night or what time do we usually eat dinner? Do these times conflict with any of the holiday events? We will try to keep the same schedule during the school break but if any holiday events interfere with these times, we need to let our child know in advance (at least the day before) how the day will play out for the family. This will help our children mentally and emotionally prepare for the busy day.

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