Did you know that kids have better academic and social success when their families are engaged with their schools? In fact, when families are involved with schools, kids are more likely to have higher grades and test scores, increase school attendance, and improved prosocial behavior. However, National Parental Involvement Day should not be celebrated for one day out of the year. Today provides not only an opportunity to recognize families who are currently involved in schools, but also a reminder for us to check in with teachers and schools to see how we can help.

One of the ways we can improve our partnership with our children’s schools is to assess how well schools are reaching out to parents and caregivers. By using the Parental Involvement Checklist (link below), we can identify weaknesses and practice evidence-based strategies to strengthen efforts to improve parent-school partnership. For instance, if our child’s school is having difficulty maintaining volunteers, we as parents can help by recruiting other parents, make flexible schedules for events, and organize efforts to meet the needs of students and schools. #NationalParentalInvolvementDay

National Parental Involvement Day Ideas – https://www.projectappleseed.org/national-parent-day

What research says about parental involvement – https://www.responsiveclassroom.org/what-research-says-about-parent-involvement/

Parental Involvement Checklist – https://www.projectappleseed.org/chklst

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