We know good relationships maintain positive communication in times of conflict, but did you know that some research suggests that being positive during the positive is almost more important?!

When your child shares their good news with you, it is a gift. You don’t have to be excited about all of the same things as your child, you just have to show your child that they are important to you.

There are four ways we can respond when someone shares their good news.

  • Active and constructive
  • Passive and constructive
  • Active and destructive
  • Passive and destructive

The goal is to be active and constructive. If you want to see these four styles in action, watch this video. (Disclaimer: in this video, the husband refers to his wife and her mother as “girls”, which many women do not appreciate. We acknowledge and agree with that, but share the video anyway because of the wealth of good information otherwise.)

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