Self-motivation only comes from within but parents and caregivers have opportunities to instill and encourage self-motivation in their kids. This may sound difficult but it is actually easier than you may think. A child’s self-motivation is fueled internally by a passion of theirs or a desire for the “natural reward of succeeding.” “For example, although a child might not have a passion for math, if she knows that completing first grade math is the only way to get to second grade, [she will work hard to accomplish that],” says Dr. Kang, the aurther or “The Self-Motivated Kid.”

Here are some ways parents and caregivers could do to to foster self-motivation in their child:

  • Encourage a balanced lifestyle and keep extracurricular activities manageable and age-appropriate.
  • Encourage free play to allow them the opportunity develop individual passions.
  • Let them stumble and help them work through the natural consequences. Children who are capable of problem solving are more likely to be more self-motivated to overcome obstacles.

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