According to the 2018 Oklahoma Prevention Needs Assessment, about two-thirds of children reported that they have not talked with their parents about the dangers of drug use and they do not perceive drug use to be risky. This makes them more likely to begin using alcohol and other drugs at a later time. It is not too early and it’s not too late to start having conversations with your children. As we wrap up Red Ribbon Week, use the following conversation goals from SAMHSA’s “Talk. They Hear You.” campaign and discuss with your kids about the risks of using alcohol and other drugs.

One conversation goal to achieve is to send clear and strong message to our children that we disapprove of underage drinking and use or misuse of other drugs. We are the leading influence on their decision whether to use substances and we need to continue our conversations with them about the dangers of substance use before they are exposed to them.

SAMHSA’s 5 conversation goals –

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