It is not uncommon for children to experience anxiety when change occurs. From transitioning grades to families moving into an entirely new school district, changes for some students could potentially result in difficulties in academics, social and emotional problems, and increased rates of dropouts. However, these changes are provide children with the chance to learn new coping skills and are given an opportunity adapt to their new environment.

Parents, check out this page for some tips to help make the transition smoother for your child. To prepare your child for changes, encourage them to discuss the future transition by asking questions such as ” what have you been thinking about your new school” or “what are you most excited about going into the next grade?” Be ready to problem-solve with him or her and let your child know that it is okay to feel apprehensive about the transition. Sharing childhood memories when you were worried about changing grades or schools and explain how you were able to work it out is also a good way to help ease your child’s anxiety.


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