There are many resources to cultivate hope in youth and one of them is to help them build resilience. A mandala session is one way to help youth build resilience as they have the opportunity to work through their feelings on their own or with parental guidance. You can access the mandala worksheet here on pages 25 and 26. The goal of the mandala session is for youth to explore their feelings with colors and it is split into four sections:

  • Self
  • Friends
  • School
  • Home

Going through each section at a time, explain to your child that you would like them to color in that area of the madala according to how they feel about that particular section. For example, if they are happy with their self, they may want to choose the color yellow to express the feeling of happiness. However, allow them to choose whatever color they see fit. After they have colored in the section, talk with them about their colors and practice your active listening skills to expand on why they have chosen certain colors for each section. This activity can help you understand how your child is doing in each section.


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