In honor of Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, we are talking about inclusiveness. OKPTA Cultivate is about discovering how to not only value our values, but how to live our values. A lot of schools in Oklahoma are using systems like PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) where school values are established, and then kids are taught how they carry out those values in different situations – the hallway, at lunch, in the parking lot, etc.

We can model this technique at home. If we value inclusiveness, we can discuss what that means in a variety of situations and at all age levels. Talk about what inclusiveness means in the lunch room, at recess, when teenagers hang out with their friends, during family time with siblings, and more.

Dig deeper – ask your child if they ever find it challenging to include someone. Brainstorm options.

Teach healthy boundaries – boundaries are the space where we can love ourselves and others simultaneously. When your child struggles, ask them how they can find this space for themselves. It’s a skill they will need their whole life!

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