• Ask your child to lie on his/her back.
  • Ask your child to close her/his eyes and breathe normally while paying attention to all the parts of his/her body that move when she/he breathes.
  • Ask him/her to place one hand on her/his upper chest and the other on his/her stomach.
  • Tell your child to inhale through the nose and into her/his abdomen. The hand on his/her stomach should move upwards and the one on her/his chest should remain still.
  • Tell him/her to inhale for a count of four, then hold it in for a count of four.
  • Ask your child to exhale. Tell her/him to push out the air from his/her stomach. The hand placed on her/his stomach will move downwards.
  • Repeat the exercise for five to 10 minutes or until your child feels relaxed.

To see the full article and to learn how to use feathers or flowers to help your child visualize their breathing click on the link below:


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